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Our people and processes create the conditions for your team to do their very best.  We work with you and the invidividuals within your team to find areas of improvement you may not have known existed.

We help you reduce overhead and increase profit marings.  By using employee engagement in the compensation design we motivate your sales force and drive results like never before.  Give us a call today and get started.

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About Paypoint HR

Based in Annapolis, Maryland and founded in 2012, Paypoint HR is a privately held firm that specializes in delivering insightful and innovative consulting resources to businesses.

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Our leadership team has a passion for constantly striving to enhance resources. We understand working with our clients is a privilege and are continuously learning, soliciting feedback and working on getting better.  We are invested in identifying developing and coaching top talent. Let’s make the journey together.

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Company Values


We strive to maintain a culture of openness.  We welcome creativity.  We encourage cooperation and participation.  We collaborate with the clients’ team to gather information, drive data communicate transparently and get intended results.  We work towards being a trusted advisor and develop long term customer relationships.

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Continuous improvement is at the foundation of our strategy.  We believe the best way to set up sales compensation plans is to tie them directly to the costs of running the company.

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Our Services

Whether you are a seasoned compensation professional or are newly charged with the responsibility of compensation design for your organization, our fresh new way of looking at plan design will help you develop a stellar plan.

Paypoint HR is a full service compensation consulting firm. We provide practical, operational and business-oriented advice on all aspects of compensation.

In this competitive business environment, your success depends on attracting and retaining top-notch professionals while preserving your bottom line.

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Needs Assessment

It starts here. This first stage sets the context for the project. Establishing a baseline enables us to begin looking at potential for refinement and improvement within the process. We then develop solutions to reach goals and monitor progress. It is in this stage that we collaborate with owners, management, sales, and administration to listen to what your organization is trying to achieve.

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Planning & Design

It’s all about process improvement, anticipating potential outcomes and having a plan that is self-sustaining.

Much work goes into compensation plan design that stays ahead of competition, integrates goals, and contains appropriate performance measures that tie back to compensation. In the final analysis, your pay structure drives performance. A healthy organization has alignment between management and individual sales professionals to reach intended milestones as efficiently as possible.

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We have a unique coaching approach that fosters collaboration and crystal clear communication.

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Our partners

We are honored to work with our well respected industry partners. If you feel like your organization has interest in working with us, please let us know, we welcome your inquiry.

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