Karin Campbell, SPHR

Karin is a Senior Professional in Human Resources and has a Business Marketing degree from the University of Maryland Business School.  She has 25 years of work experience in building businesses across numerous industries including Real Estate, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Human Resources.  She has built a successful Payroll and Human Resource company and knows the obstacles business owners and management face.  She has first-hand experience in determining cost of labor and profit margins and as a trusted advisor has leveraged her expertise to assist other business owners.  Active in her community, she sees the importance of helping others succeed.


 Dr. Rick Campbell

Rick is a Mechanical Engineer having earned his Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University in 1997.  He has worked in the aerospace industry on numerous projects ranging from the Space Shuttle to experimental planes and Boeing’s 747.  Interspersed throughout his engineering career Rick has engaged in several startup business ventures in renewable energy, high performance electric motors, and telecom backup power solutions.  He understands the challenges that both small and large businesses experience and has successfully leveraged his engineering acumen to help these ventures not only weather the storm but also to find success.

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