What our clients can expect:


  • Our consultants have knowledge of compensation and its implications with over 20 years of related industry experience
  • The employee will know how the new plan affects them as opposed to the previous plan
  • Objectives are crystal clear and reconfirm expectations

  • Improved productivity and accountability with individual ROI
  • Link between compensation and profitable revenue growth
  • “True” pay for performance – the intent of the plans equals the outcome
  • Competitive advantage
  • New plan objectives
    • Serve the customer
    • Move the product
    • Achieve financial objectives
    • Motivate and manage performance
  • A framework for maximum motivational impact to drive desired outcomes
Recruiting and Retention

  • Ability to recruit and retain top professionals with a distinctive value proposition
  • “True” pay for performance
  • Improved morale and motivation to bring better performance
  • Reduced turnover cost