Change is never easy but we are ready for action.  We alleviate the constraints to make positive change.  We have the resources, the time and the qualified personnel to positively impact your people, to improve your processes and to increase your profit margins.  We offer third party objectivity, skilled specialists, and relevant tools to communicate effectively, ensuring smooth transitions.

When to hire us:

If you are experiencing any of the following “red flags” then now is the time to contact us.


  • Change in company framework; customers marketed, products sold, sales channels change
  • Reorganization
  • Merger or Acquisition
  • Economic downturn

Recruiting and retention

  • Discontent or turnover
  • “Special compensation deals” that are confusing and that negatively impact profitability
  • Need to attract and retain talent in a competitive market
  • Lack of consistent rules and perceived fairness
  • Exceptions to pay have increased in frequency
  • Pay out of line with performance, i.e., top producers are paying for poor performers


  • Measures not in line with business cycle or supported by systems
  • Overuse of contests or special performance incentives
  • Realization that current approaches don’t look at costs but use quartiles and Monte Carlo Simulations to “guess”
  • Margins are not in line with the industry norm
  • Unknown break-even and ROI