If your company has been debating whether or not you need to make changes in your compensation plans, a baseline gives you a way to understand what is happening right now and see if the current situation is what you inteded or not.

Our Pay Point Baseline is a way to measure and visualize your company’s compensation strategy, suing your company’s profit and earnings for the last 12 months along with cash compensation and margins.

A Pay Point Baseline also provides a framework for you to communicate what is happening with all the people who care about compensation.  If change is needed you can show everyone how serious the situation is and get buy-in for addressing the issue.

Your compensation Pay Point Baseline includes three parts:

Information due diligence.

The Pay Point Baseline report that compares what you intended to pay your work force with what you actually paid.

Overpayment Estimate

You also get an estimate of how much money your company is losing as a result of not paying people according to your official compensation plans, in other words, how much special deals and exceptions are affecting your bottom line.

Management Team Discussion

When we deliver your Pay Point Basline, we facilitate a discussion with your management team about what the results show, how it is impacting your business, why things are this way and what might be done to address the issues.

Compensation is an area where people have strong feelings and emotions.

Having a visual representation that shows exactly what is going on gives you a powerful way to remove some of the emotion from the discussion about changing compensation plans.

A compensation Pay Point Baseline is only available from incentive HR.  Contact us to get your compensation stress test started today!