Stakeholder design sessions and profit simulators consider both financial and social economic goals in order to develop customized incentive based sales plans.  With our unique proprietary business modeling software we can project in real time a look at total costs and profit.  By including profit and assigning fixed and variable expenses to the design process we can model the effectiveness of potential plans.

We adapt.  Our systems have evolved to support virtually any type of compensation structure in a best practices approach with respect to needs analysis, design implementation and management.

With our compensation plans, profit is a planned outcome not just a happy after effect.  Plans are designed with a focus on the company’s value proposition and its financial goals, giving you and your work force the security of knowing the company is healthy and has a competitive advantage.

The final step in the design process is to verify that all of the concerns of those affected by the new plan are addressed.  Our solutions include the right elements: client willingness to make a positive change, culture, business, focus, dedication and experience.

The end result is different each time. We measure results, blend the process with your people, transfer critical knowledge to make a lasting scalable difference.